How to order online?

How to order online?

Step by Step guide for Online Shopping

We’ll guide you for your next purchase on 

This Guide is made as simple as possible but if you still have any questions, please call us on the advertised number (at the bottom of the page)

Step 1:

Easy, get on

Step 2:

Click on Explore Models

Step 3:

Choose your preferred Model & Click on Select Options

Step 4:

View Specifications, Demo Video, Accessories List

Step 5:

Click on Add to cart button

Step 6:

Click on checkout or click on the cart icon at the top right of the screen.

Step 7:

The side cart will appear - Click on View Cart or Checkout

Step 8:

After Reviewing Everything, Click on Checkout

Step 9:

Add all of your details; Email, Name, Address, Phone Number

Step 10:

Click on Checkboxes and Click on Place Order Button

Step 13:

Follow payment procedures

(Either on Thank you page or Email Receipt with Instructions)

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Cleaning and Maintenance Guide includes:

Product Instruction Manual

To ensure your product’s proper setup, use, and safety, we strongly advise reading the manual thoroughly. Your understanding is key to unlocking all its features.

Language: English | French

Note: The manual provides essential instructions and guidelines to be read before usage

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