Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions

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1. About Jimmy

JIMMY, is the brand under Kingclean Electric Co., Ltd, which dedicates to creating a high-quality healthy life for the global user.

As one of the world’s biggest vacuum cleaner manufacturers, Kingclean has been focusing on technology innovation for 26 years and provides excellent products to global users through continuous innovation.

Since 2004, Kingclean vacuum cleaner sales volume has continuously been far ahead for 16 years. Up to now, Kingclean has sold over 160 Million pieces vacuum cleaners to over 100 countries and regions globally.

Kingclean global R&D center has over 700 R&D engineers, develops over 100 new product yearly, and owns over 1200 patents.

The company owns 4 industrial campus with 23 manufacturing factories, producing 18 Million pieces small home appliances like vacuum cleaners every year.

2. Online Platform

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3. Orders

We normally deliver within 3 Business days for orders and payment received. We try our best effort to ensure that products are delivered on time. Please note that some delays may occur by factors outside of our control like bank transfers that can take up to 2 Business days.

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Delivery/Shipping Policy

Any of these:

  • Confirmation email.
  • Your order number.

If you can’t find one of the above, don’t worry. We should be able to sort everything out if you have:

  • Your card/bank statement.
  • The email address used to buy your item.
  1. Goods once sold are not exchangeable and non-refundable.
  2. You are required to check the condition and conformity of the products delivered at the time of delivery/collection.
  3. If the customer notes that the delivery box is not sealed or is damage or the products are not as ordered upon delivery or collection, the customer should not take delivery and informed the carrier or agent at collection point for replacement.
  4. Once delivery has been made, we will not be liable for any breakages, nonconformity or shortages of the products ordered.

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

We recommend storing the vacuum in the charging dock or on the wall-mounted dock that comes with the vacuum. You can place the main body of the vacuum on any flat surface.
If you are not using the device for a long time, we suggest putting the battery in a cool and dry place. Please ensure that the battery is fully charged before storage and charge the machine at least every three months to refresh the battery.

JV53, JV83:

You can charge with the battery on machine or take out battery from the machine and charge it separately.


You can charge with the battery on machine with the charger in package.

Charging time is around 4 to 5 Hours, when indicator light turns from red to green it means charging completed.
Normally the battery need to be replaced after around 500 charging cycles, around three years if you charge it three times per week.

Clean dust, hair, debris, and dirt from the hard floor, carpet, title, etc.


Electric Mattress Head:
Beat up and clean dust、dust mite and dust mite allergen from sofa and bed.


Carpet brush roll:
Can be assembled to the floorhead to do deep cleaning of the carpet.


2-in-1 upholstery tool:
Suitable to clean the dust on the closet, sofa, windowsill, and table surface.


2-in-1 crevice tool:
Suitable to clean crevices, corners, and other narrow areas.


Soft brush:
Suitable to clean easily scratched furniture, such as bookshelf, and artworks.

Stretch hose:
To connect handheld vacuum cleaners and Accessories to clean hard-to-reach areas.


Can be connected to other tools and bend to different angle to clean dust on top of high cabinets or dust on the roof.

Yes, JIMMY vacuum can pick up pet hair from hard floor, carpet or sofa. The JIMMY floorhead has a unique design that can separate the hair from brushroll to avoid hair entangling around brushroll. Which saves you a lot of trouble to clean the hair rewound around brushroll.
Yes, the JIMMY vacuum can be used to on tile.
Yes the JIMMY vacuum can be used on short carpet. It can pick up big debris, hair and dust from carpet.

No, the vacuum cannot be used to pick up liquid, it may cause blockage to filter. If liquid enters the motor it may cause failure of the motor.

Yes, the vacuum comes with a wall mount for storing and charging the machine and also storing tools.
Dust cup can be emptied from bottom. If you want to wash the dust cup or the cyclones, press the dust cup release button and twist the dust cup to take it out to wash under water.
Use a coin to rotate the nozzle base release button, take out the brushroll gently. Clean the brushroll. If the brushroll is washed, please make sure it is completely dry before assembling it into nozzle.
Pull out the HEPA filter upwards, and gently tap it on trash can. After HEPA is cleaned put it back into dust cup.
The HEPA filter can be washed. Since frequent washing will reduce HEPA life, it is recommended that the HEPA filter is washed no more than once a month.
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